Academia and Life: Breaking Out of the Academia Involution

Yuqiong ZHOU, Shenzhen University
November 5, 2020 16:00 ~ 17:30
Room C205, School of Humanities and Social Sciences

The academia involution leads scholars to be addicted to and satisfied with clever tricks and wicked craft, neglecting the real issues and problems. To make a change, we should strenthen the connection between academia and everyday life. Academia is closely related to our daily life. It sheds light on life and eventually may improve it. Dr. Zhou will discuss her work in online rumor studies, digital generation gap and back-feeding research, as well as Shenzhen Zongping reform over the past 15 years. She invites the audience to join this conversation reflecting on the current issues in academia and rethink the social mission as intellectuals.

The talk will be conducted in Chinese.