Hans-Georg Gadamer on Truth in the Realm of Art

NIE Duluo
April 1, 2021 16:00 ~ 17:30
Room 109, Building C, School of Humanities and Social Sciences




Gadamer launches a critique against what he calls ästhetische Unterscheidung in Wahrheit und Method by appealing to the classical concept of mimesis, especially that of Aristotle in the Poetics, to reinstate the essential connection between art and the world. Art is imitation (mimesis) in its essence, and the pleasures imitation produces derive from a recognition of the world, which largely expands and enriches Dasein. Work of art, through transformation into structure, cancels the particulars, thus making our transient experience into permanent structure (Gebilde in Gadamer’s term), through whose unity and identity the readers/spectators are enabled to know themselves.