A Brief History of China's Experimental Music and Sound Art Practices

Adel-Jing Wang, Zhejiang University
April 28, 2021 10:20 ~ 12:10
Room 403, Block 6, Lychee Hills

China’s experimental music and sound art practices forms into “a sonorous archipelago,” to borrow Francois J. Bonnet’s expression. In this talk, we discuss sound art works by categories—sound installations, sound in performance-oriented conceptual art, sound objects/machines, public sound art, and sound and net art—developed after 2000. And we trace developments of electronic instrument building, academic electronic music, and grassroots experimental music practices through their distinct resources, agendas, leading figures, and ethical-aesthetic preferences. Instead of seeking a unification, we endorse creative and original sonorous collectives (both unprofessional and professional) keep develop following their own desires and standards in music-making.