From Seminario, Academia to University – A Short History of Design and Construction of SUSTech

LI Tao
May 14, 2021 10:20 ~ 12:10
Room 502, Lecture Hall 1

Southern University of Science and Technology is an example of the experimental university in Shenzhen. The corresponding mode of planning and design was adapted in the very early stage of Campus construction planning. This lecture will share this experience of Campus design and construction experience with the students who use the site today. We will start with the historical development of Chinese Classical Academies (“书院”, in Chinese) and that of Scholastic Monasteries in western countries (“经院”, in Chinese). This lecture aims to share the experience of design and construction of the Campus Planning and buildings of SUSTech from the very early stage. This practice experience represents a process of development and maturing of Campus Space Model of modern university in China and concerns the establishment of site experience in a Campus Space Design. Taking the process of design and planning of SUSTech as an example, we aim to introduce to students the general laws of space creation, site establishment and campus model concepts of architectural design.