The Cultural Observation of Spaces and Places: A Multi-Sited-Ethnography of Music, Migration and Global Cultural Flows

Francesco Serratore
April 13, 2023 16:00 ~ 17:30
C102, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, SUSTech and online

观察⽂化要素,对其进⾏⽐较和关联,并将它们与⼈类⽣活的 不同 ⽅⾯联系起来,是⼈类学研究的核⼼。所有这些⾏动都发 ⽣在特定的空间和场域,⽂化⼈类学家在其中分析“意义建构 的动态、地⽅的⽣活体验和特定⽂化中的空间实践”(Pauline McKenzie Aucoin 2017)。根据我在意⼤利、荷兰和中国之间 多点实地考察的结果,本次讲座将讨论以下⼏点:1. 世界不同 地区之间⼈⼝和⽂化的快速、⼤量流动如何影响集体⽂化认 同;2. 移⺠社区何以跨国?以及,跨国境⽣活如何影响⽂化和 ⾳乐实践?3. 移⺠社区如何利⽤⾳乐⽀撑其⽣活?

Observing cultural elements, making comparisons and connections, and relating them to different aspects of human life are central to anthropological studies. All these actions take place within specific spaces and places in which cultural anthropologists analyze "the dynamics of meaning construction, the lived experience of place and the practices of space within particular cultures" (Pauline McKenzie Aucoin 2017). Based on the results of my multi-sited field research between Italy, the Netherlands and China, this lecture will discuss the following points: 1) How the rapid and numerous flow of people and cultures between different world areas impacts collective cultural identity. 2) In which way a migrant community can be transnational? And, how a transnational life can impact cultural and musical practices? 3) How do migrant communities use music to make their life sustainable?

Organized by:

Shakir Ullah

Shakir Ullah

Dr Shakir Ullah is a trained ethnographer whose research links anthropological theory and ethnographic data to analyze issues related to development projects