Yanfang NIU

Yanfang NIU

Niu Yanfang is a graduate of the Doctoral School of Art History, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. In 2009, she received the scholarship from the Fondation Le Corbusier for young researchers. In December 2017, she defended her PhD thesis, which deciphers Le Corbusier's concept of the “promenade architecturale” and investigates its genesis, application and evolution between 1907 and 1939. In March 2018, she received a commission from the Fondation Le Corbusier to produce a report on the perception and reception of Le Corbusier's works and ideas in China. She has published a number of translated works. Her research continues to focus on the essential quesetions about modern architecture – its origins, development and interactions with society and culture.



“Regarding Le Corbusier, interview with LIU Dongyang”, Heritage Architecture [J], March 2019, pp. 114-119.

“Villa Savoye (1928-1929) : Genesis of an Autonomous World - A Study of the Original Use of the Promenade”, Architectural Journal [J], October 2018, pp. 099-107.

“Ici, maintenant, cet homme, interview with Jean NOUVEL”, Yanfang Niu and Qiang Zou (co-author), Urban Environment Design [J], February 2012.

Translations (Into Chinese)

Le Corbusier, Le Corbusier Choix de lettres, Jean Jenger (edition), Architecture & Building Press, 2008.

Le Corbusier, Le Corbusier Œuvre Complète, vols. 1-8, Yanfang Niu and Chao Chen (co-translator), China Architecture & Building Press, 2005.

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  • The Origin of European and American Modernism Architecture and Urban Design (1750-1940)
  • The Birth of Modern City, Paris in the 19th Century


19th-Century Paris An Exploratory Trip: Reflections on Teaching Western Architecture History in Chinese-Speaking Context

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