Yadi WEN

Yadi WEN

Yadi Wen is a scholar in the field or history and archaeology. She received her MPhil and PhD in History from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She has been engaged in the study of prehistoric nephrite jade crafting technology. Extensive initial studies and on-site investigations has been conducted in China and Russian Siberia. Through obtaining a one-year graduate-level training in Mesoamerican Archaeology at Harvard University, she developed a new research interest in Mesoamerican jades. She has conducted initial studies on Maya jades from the Sacred Cenote, Chichén Itzá at the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Harvard University, and Olmec jades at Dumbarton Oaks. Special attention has been paid to cross-cultural comparison of jade-using communities, identifying the culturally regularities and diversities, defining as technological, social, and symbolic behavior. Her long-term research interest is the study of jades and jade using communities from East Asia and Mesoamerica, both for comparative purpose and as separate fields.


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Wen, Yadi; Wang, Fang; Tang, Chung. 2017. “Technological Study of Stone Yazhang from Jinsha Site”(金沙石璋工艺研究), Jade Technologies of Jinsha I(金沙玉工I). Sichuan People’s Publish House.

Tang, Chung; Wen, Yadi. 2015. “Social and cultural significance of Jades in Xinglongwa Culture”(兴隆洼文化的社会意义), The Archaeology of Northern Ethnicity. Vol.2.

Wen, Yadi; Tang, Chung. 2014. “Chaîne opératoire Method in Archaeology and the Study of Jades”(考古学操作链与玉器研究), Jade Archaeology Correspondence. Vol. 1:3. 74-80.


Ancient Civilizations Deep in the Jungle: Mesoamerican Archaeology

Prehistoric Jade Crafting Technology


New Courses Orientation, Fall 2021 - An Open Talk on the Humanities and Social Sciences Curriculum

  • Zihui Lu, Qiushi Xu, Juan Chen, Hui Chen, Tommaso Pepe, Mengwen Zhu, Gao Bin, Yadi Wen
  • September 9, 2021 16:00 ~ 17:30
  • Room 109, Building C, School of Humanities and Social Sciences
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