Juan Chen was trained as an ethnographer, having received her PhD from the University of Cambridge. She is interested in the role of ethical thought, experience, and practice in the shaping of the processes of social transformation. Her main focus is on self-making, diverse notions of flourishing, achievement and success, as well as on the motivational and structuring forces of values in the fostering of individual and collective understandings of social practice, value conflict and ethical accomplishment. Juan has always considered Anthropology her root discipline, and she seeks to contribute to anthropological theories of practice and accounts of the nature of social organization and transformation. Her research interests include anthropology of values, morality and ethics, sexuality, gender and intimacy.


Chen, Juan. 2019. The Paradox of Gender Reversal: Dance Hosts and the Pursuit of Gender Ideals in Contemporary China. The China Quarterly.

Chen, Juan. 2019. Values Reconciliation: Constructing the Exemplary Ideal Personhood through Overseas Education. Journal of Current Chinese Affairs.


Anthropology of Ethics and Morality, Anthropology of Values, Reading Ethnography, Sexuality, Gender and Intimacy.


New Courses Orientation, Fall 2021 - An Open Talk on the Humanities and Social Sciences Curriculum

  • Zihui Lu, Qiushi Xu, Juan Chen, Hui Chen, Tommaso Pepe, Mengwen Zhu, Gao Bin, Yadi Wen
  • September 9, 2021 16:00 ~ 17:30
  • Room 109, Building C, School of Humanities and Social Sciences
4 on 4 Salons