Shakir Ullah

Shakir Ullah

Dr Shakir Ullah is a trained ethnographer. He received his Ph.D in cultural anthropology and M.Phil in Sociology. His research goal is to link anthropological theory and ethnographic data on development with issues related to mega development projects. His broader areas of interest include anthropology of development, applied anthropology , social change and development. Before joining the Society of Fellows at SUSTech he worked as lecturer in University of Peshawar, as assistant professor in University of Swabi Pakistan and as research and reporting officer in Alkhidmat foundation (an international organization). He has written extensively on state-led mega development projects in Pakistan.



Peer Reviewed Articles

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Introduction of Cultural Anthropology


珠三角大凉山出身女性打工人群的流动、婚姻选择和协商策略 Migration, Marriage Negotiation and Strategy of Female Migrants from Liangshan in the Pearl River Delta Area

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